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ad 2Product: WP Blog Rocket
Vendor: Sean Donahoe
Available: 8th December 2015, 11 AM EST
Price: $67 – $97 – Depends on when you purchase

As we all know, the old technique of blasting keyword phrases in copy to generate traffic is long gone. Google noticed the game being played, and adjusted its algorithm accordingly.

It is even thought that you can even be penalized if Google considers you to be “keyword stuffing”. Randomly placing keywords, or having a keyword density to high about 1% could actually get you in trouble.

Websites have been known to be shutdown by Google.  You could wake up one morning and all of a sudden your website is no longer ranking in the search engine.

We don’t want that!!


Following the principle that SEO experts like Sean Donahoe and many others like the Huffington Post, Forbes, Buzzfeed and CNN have been practicing for years will help you avoid the keyword issue all together.

The most important factor for customer attraction is actually the Title.

Seriously?  The Title?  Think about it, what is the first thing you see when doing a search on the web.  If the title doesn’t intrigue you, do you click the link?

You only have seconds to capture the attention of your potential visitors.  They scan through the search results and the most interesting, eye catching title or phrase is what is going to get the click.

In copywriting, people say that 70% of the effort in generating should be spent on title creation.  Unfortunately, not many know this and the title typically receives the least amount of focus.  Most writers still focus on the actual content and the inclusion of targeted keywords.

Sean wanted to provide an easy and effective way for you to change that focus to generate loads of clicks and traffic.  The technology only known before by the BIG guys in the industry is now being handed to you.

Hence, the birth of this extremely powerful, traffic generating plugin , WP BlogRocket.

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Why Your Business Just Can’t do Without it

ad 1Are you struggling to get visitors to your Blog or Website?

Are you looking to skyrocket your targeted traffic numbers to viral limits?

Then this product is definitely a must have!

A website owner and marketing professional always needs to be one step ahead of evolving search engine and content marketing trends.  Never before has there been a plugin that provides the most important marketing optimization service almost automatically.

Thousands of hours of research and experimentation went into creating this highly effective tool that will take content marketing and SEO principles to the next level. This amazing WordPress plugin will programatically generate traffic inducing content titles for you.

Don’t get me wrong, you do still have to do some research to determine the keywords that you are wanting to target for your content.

Once the keywords are plugged into the tool, they are evaluated using 38 proven psychological triggers the top SEO experts have used for years.  Within milliseconds 100’s of suggested titles will be displayed that should engage your readers like never before.

The example used in the demo video were with keywords “Productivity Hack”.  Below are a few of the generated titles.

As you can see below, it may still be necessary to update/modify the suggested title like specific timeframes and results.


Once you have chosen from the suggested title list, the audience discovery and adaptive “Reasoning” features will help you discover what truly captures the attention of site visitors.  Key analytics will ensure you understand your audience and exactly what they are looking for and responding to.

Imagine no more having to have your ear to the ground doing research to make sure that posts on your website will add value, bring in traffic.  This tool will do that for you.

A couple clicks through wordpress and you can see exactly what is working and what is not.

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Available Statistics for Each Chosen Generated Titlestats2


  • Total Views
  • Unique Views
  • Performance
  • Timeline
  • Referers
  • Location


The best proven engagement hooks are used that will thrust your site to the forefront and demand reader attention. These “smart title” algorithms help your site navigate its way to the top of Google’s Page 1 – the most desirable place to be on the web!


Key Features

  • Leverage Proven Technology Used by the Biggest Blogs in the World
  • The Power of ClickBait Viral Connectivity at Your Finger Tips
  • Give Google EXACTLY What They Want and Avoid Slaps
  • Rank Your Content Higher than Ever Before
  • Spawn Incredible Content Generation Ideas in Seconds
  • Generate Floods of Laser-Targeted Traffic Automatically
  • Dramatically Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rates Easily

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Video Coming Soon of My Personal
Installation and Setup
of WP Blog Rocket and actual Pros and Cons of the product once it has been released on December 8,2015.

Who is Sean Donahoe and Why You Should Listen to him


When it comes to great products that can improve your business’s profitability and efficiency, there is no substitute for the innovation provided he provides. His work in affiliate marketing has provided many different people the type of income that most only dream of.

For Sean, innovation is a way of life, and helping people make the most of internet-based businesses is his passion. Sean’s Inner Circle is filled with people who have built their livelihoods upon the idea that programs and technology can monetize their businesses.

Sean’s latest product continues his tradition of innovation that benefits the small internet-based businesses.



Product Support Available When you Purchase

  • Product Customer Care Team Tripled to support the release of this product
  • Average Response Time Under 6 Hours
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • You can reach me personally at Christine@wpblogrocketseandonahoe.com

Get started now on the same path as the big boys!  

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